About the Author

Favorite Quote: “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Jared Vermeulen was born and raised in the blue-collar fishing town of Jupiter, Florida where he still resides. Jared grew up with a background in construction and was originally working towards becoming an industrial design engineer when he was told about the fulfilling career of firefighting. He has not looked back since. Jared finished his technical training and an emergency medical degree with PBCC and was hired with the City of Boca Raton as a firefighter in 2007. He now holds multiple state certifications in technical rescue and hazardous materials mitigation and has been serving as a fire officer for over 10 years. Jared has the privilege and challenge of raising two wild kids with the help of his beautiful and patient wife. On his off time, Jared enjoys everything life has to give from hang gliding, snowboarding, and surfing to hunting alligators. For his next endeavor, Jared plans on making a video series to help those interested in becoming a firefighter find employment and fulfill their dream.